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Tag: current events

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Talking to Kids About Tragedy

How to Talk About the Breach of the U.S. Capitol

Getting Along and Taming Tension During Quarantine

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What’s News?

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Getting Past Election Day

What’s in a Name?

Citizens of the World

Tweeting Normandy

A New National Symbol

Talking to Strangers

In the Driver’s Seat

Cosmic Proof

A Super Milestone

Bring the Meaning of MLK Day to Your Family Dinner Table

Broken-Hearted Fandom

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Year-End Review: Help in Tough Times

FDP Joins CARE for a Virtual Potluck

Bringing Global Goals to the Dinner Table

An Offer of Refuge

A Flag’s Fate

The Newest Nobel

Family Dinners are Great for the Body and the Soul

Red Carpet Rewind: Conversations Inspired by the Oscars

Dedicated to Different

Legend and Legacy

Dinner as an Act of Love: Meet “The Dinner Party”

Join FDP and Points of Light for a Day of Service

Using His Noodle(s)

Score One for Science

Getting Ready for #GivingTuesday

Students Take a Stand

Finding the Middle Ground of Family Dinner

CVS: Selling health, not cigarettes

Looking for a Two Bedroom, Two Bath on Mars?

A Slam-Dunk for Women

The Selfie and the Sacred

Time to Stop the Styrofoam

A Player with Bite

Hey, Who Changed my Shirt?

A Priceless Prom Gesture

Justice for Justin: What do you Belieb?

Is a Bigger Barbie a Better Barbie?

Bang Bang. You’re Suspended.

Justice for Justin: What do you Belieb?

Are we Making too Much about Miley?

Putting Integrity First

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

The Snowden Showdown

Crying Foul

Let’s Give This Girl a Medal!

An Extra Large Error in Judgment

Basket Case: Considering the Rutgers Scandal

On the Presidential Menu: Healthy Dialogue

Duct Tape Dilemma

A Hero’s Fall from Grace

Celebrity Endorsements

Crimson With Shame

Dark Clouds Over Happy Valley

Snow Job Risks No Job

Football or Footbrawl?

Race to the Bottom

The Parent Trap

Judge for Yourself

Putting the SAT Cheating Scandal to the Test

A Penny for Your Thoughts?

Washington D.C. – Discord and Contention

Sign of the Times: What’s a Parent to Do?

Election Inspection

Life Saved. Job Lost.

School Days, Cruel Days

Chipping In

Peeking Behind the Privacy Curtain

Daddy-Daughter Duel

Brawl in the Family

Addition Through Subtraction

A Right to Tweet?

Some Teachers in a Bind over ‘No Child Left Behind’

Private Lives…Public Spaces

Teacher Appreciation Week, Indeed

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

Where Kindness is King

Sweet 16

He Lives to Give

The Politics of Language

Addressing Steubenville

Racial Justice: the Case of Trayvon Martin

Deepening Conversation Around the Hunger Games

Processing Tragedy with our Children

Talking about Tragedy