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Ideas And Advice

Hungry for family dinner advice? Discover new ways to create lively conversation, overcome common challenges and bring your family closer with insights from Dr. Anne Fishel, The Family Dinner Project team and real families just like yours.

Families In Action

An RDN from the Mayo Clinic reflects on how The Family Dinner Project has impacted her both professionally and personally.

If they hate the college food, that’s likely a good sign.

A middle school in Georgia brings families to the table with a unique series of dinners.

Expert Advice

Dr. Anne Fishel gives her personal and professional advice to couples confronting an empty nest, and empty dinner tables, after the kids leave home.

(The third in a 3-part series): When it comes to dinner, harness your elementary school-aged child’s wish to be more competent and to play by the rules

The dinner table is a perfect place to encourage reading in kids of all ages.

The Science Behind Family Dinners

As a family therapist, I often want to tell my patients that research shows they'd be better off eating dinner together than spending an hour with me.

Recently, we sat down with two groups of pediatricians to find out what doctors think of family dinners.

Michelle Obama is a fan of family dinners, but is her enthusiasm backed by science?

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