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Ideas And Advice

Hungry for family dinner advice? Discover new ways to create lively conversation, overcome common challenges and bring your family closer with insights from Dr. Anne Fishel, The Family Dinner Project team and real families just like yours.

Families In Action

A family of four from Ohio shares how they're constantly adapting to each new age and stage to make family dinner -- and laughter -- central in their lives.

"So here I was on this tired evening, my expectations low and in the realm of poop..."

Team member Bri shares how stories help her family bond at the table.

Expert Advice

With summer vacation come the "I'm bored" blues. Learn how to use family mealtimes to turn things around with our latest tips and advice!

The dinner table is a perfect place to encourage reading in kids of all ages.

We help real families with their dinner dilemmas: toddler transitions, clean plates, rewards, and more.

The Science Behind Family Dinners

As a family therapist, I often want to tell my patients that research shows they'd be better off eating dinner together than spending an hour with me.

Recently, we sat down with two groups of pediatricians to find out what doctors think of family dinners.

Dr. Anne Fishel on the importance of family storytelling to building resilient kids who bounce back from challenges.

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