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Ideas And Advice

Hungry for family dinner advice? Discover new ways to create lively conversation, overcome common challenges and bring your family closer with insights from Dr. Anne Fishel, The Family Dinner Project team and real families just like yours.

Families In Action

The Begay family, members of tribal communities in Montana, share how they honor traditions at their family dinners while working towards healthier meals.

A military family takes on a family dinner challenge. Read how it went!

Expert Advice

Many families are anxious about Thanksgiving due to divisive politics. Dr. Anne Fishel offers tips for overcoming tension at this year's Thanksgiving table.

Wondering how to get your kids involved in Thanksgiving cooking and decorating? Check out these tips!

The expression “talking turkey” has two opposite original meanings—either to speak pleasantly around the dinner table, or to skip the niceties and get right to what’s important. It is, of course, this second meaning that persists...

The Science Behind Family Dinners

Dr. Anne FIshel is joined by 3 other experts to discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving rituals for modern families.

As a family therapist, I often want to tell my patients that research shows they'd be better off eating dinner together than spending an hour with me.

Michelle Obama is a fan of family dinners, but is her enthusiasm backed by science?

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