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Ideas And Advice

Hungry for family dinner advice? Discover new ways to create lively conversation, overcome common challenges and bring your family closer with insights from Dr. Anne Fishel, The Family Dinner Project team and real families just like yours.

Families In Action

From letting dinner happen anywhere to giving age-appropriate kitchen tasks, our Assistant Executive Director shares five things she's learned about eating family dinner with a toddler during a pandemic.

We talked to two families who are taking different creative approaches to sharing family meals despite the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19.

Our Stuck at Home Guide to Food, Fun and Conversation can help keep your whole family busy during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Expert Advice

Dr. Anne Fishel explains why rituals are important to family life, and how they can help families remain resilient during difficult times.

waldorf chicken salad

We're kicking off our summer picnic menus with a portable picnic you can bookmark for later, when busy schedules mean eating on the go.

Our friends at the MGH Clay Center offer expert advice to help parents and kids navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

The Science Behind Family Dinners

Six simple insights into common dinner table conflicts, and how to tame them for good.

As a family therapist, I often want to tell my patients that research shows they'd be better off eating dinner together than spending an hour with me.

Dr. Patricia Papernow, an expert on the unique dynamics of stepfamilies, offers advice

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