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Ideas And Advice

Hungry for family dinner advice? Discover new ways to create lively conversation, overcome common challenges and bring your family closer with insights from Dr. Anne Fishel, The Family Dinner Project team and real families just like yours.

Families In Action

This month, our team shares their favorite holiday memories, and how their family holiday plans are changing due to COVID.

Christine Wansleben and her 13-year-old twins are reinventing Thanksgiving during COVID with a uniquely 2020 twist on holiday traditions.

By partnering with the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, we were able to support 15,000 families with resources for their family dinners.

Expert Advice

These 5 Christmas movie dinner scenes are classics, but they could use some expert help from The Family Dinner Project to make them merrier!

Dr. Anne Fishel is rethinking how to celebrate Thanksgiving during COVID, and sharing expert tips to help families mark the holiday.

Our friends at the MGH Clay Center offer expert advice to help parents and kids navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

The Science Behind Family Dinners

Many years of research show that family dinner improves literacy skills in young kids. We break down the studies and give families ideas to use at meals.

Six simple insights into common dinner table conflicts, and how to tame them for good.

Dr. Patricia Papernow, an expert on the unique dynamics of stepfamilies, offers advice

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