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Using His Noodle(s)

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Bri DeRosa

pastaA man in Ogden, Utah has figured out an ingenious way to help hungry people. Matt Tribe was one of 1,000 people who purchased a “Never-Ending Pasta Pass” from Olive Garden this fall. Given 7 weeks to eat as much pasta as he wished, he decided to use his pass to provide meals to those in need. Since buying the pasta pass, he’s fed 125 hungry people.

Read the full story here, then talk about Tribe’s generous actions with your family. We also encourage you to use these conversation starters to kickstart acts of giving! If your family completes a food-related act of giving before December 16, don’t forget to snap a photo and share on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #familydinnerforward to be entered to win a generous prize package from Lenox!

For Young Children (ages 3-5):

Have you ever shared something with a friend? What was it? How did it make you feel to share?

Have you ever wanted to share something with someone you didn’t know? What made you think of sharing with them?

Can you think of something you have that you could share to help someone else?

For Early Elementary Children (ages 6-9):

Have you ever done something to help a hungry person? How did it make you feel to help?

Can you think of some ways that a family like ours could help hungry people in our community?

If you had $100 to spend just on helping other people, how would you spend it and why?

For Older Children (ages 10 and up):

What was the most meaningful thing you’ve ever done to help someone else?

Even though Matt Tribe paid $100 for his pasta pass, because he was allowed to get as many meals as he wanted to with the card, his acts of giving really didn’t cost him anything. What are some things you could do to help others that don’t cost money?

Matt Tribe’s actions were notable because he found a simple way to help a large number of people. What are some actions our family could take to help people in our community? How could we make a big impact with just a few small steps?