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In the Driver’s Seat

Posted on: March 18th, 2016 by Larry

self-driving carWe’ve been hearing about it for a few years now. Several companies have been working on it. But is the world ready for a self-driving car?

The idea sounds interesting: computers would be in control. What could go wrong? Maybe plenty. A robotics expert at Duke University has been thinking about it, and she’s come up with lots of questions and concerns. Read what she has to say, then ask your family for their thoughts at the dinner table tonight.

  • Would you be inclined to ‘drive’ a self-driving car or be a passenger in one?
  • What are your biggest concerns about self-driving cars? Weather conditions? Privacy? Hacking? Or is there something else that bothers you about the idea?
  • What responsibility does government play in setting the rules of the road for self-driving vehicles?
  • Should the federal government step in to avoid a patchwork of regulations from state to state?
  • If you left the driving to the car, what would you do with your new found freedom?