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The Meaning of Home

Posted on: February 3rd, 2017 by Larry

home-1439966_1920They say “home is where the heart is.” Or is it “hearth?” Well, that’s the point. Home means different things to different people. The question here is “what does home mean to you?”

The recently imposed travel restrictions on certain countries and refugees caused some people to wonder if they’d been cut off from their home or their idea of the promise of a real home. No matter what your political beliefs, it’s a question worth pondering. Protecting Americans is a high priority for any president and there are various ideas about how to do it. But the current situation has brought the question of home, and its meaning, to the forefront.

A google search found that this topic is not new. Read some of the responses to a question posed on Quora about four years ago, then open the discussion with your family:

  1. What does home mean to you?
  2. When someone asks where you come from, is your answer where you live or where you grew up?
  3. Did you ever want to run away from home?
  4. How important are surroundings in creating a feeling of being home? What about the people who are there with you?
  5. If you could change one thing about your home, physically or otherwise, what would it be? Why?