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A Super Milestone

Posted on: February 3rd, 2016 by Bri DeRosa
rugby-596747_1280This weekend is Super Bowl 50, the half-century mark for what has become one of the most popular sporting events in America. Even people who aren’t fans of the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos will watch the Big Game; whether it’s the allure of the half-time show, the hotly anticipated commercials or just a chance to savor some game day snacks with friends, the Super Bowl is now as much a cultural landmark in the calendar year as it is a championship football game.
Get your family geared up for Sunday with these fun conversation starters!
  • Would you rather have tickets to the Super Bowl, or a trip to any country of your choice?
  • If you could create a “Super Bowl” for any hobby or interest of yours, what would you choose? Who would be invited to compete?
  • The Super Bowl is played by the two teams who have won the most games in their divisions (the AFC and NFC). The Pro Bowl is a game played by competing teams made up of the individual players who have performed the best in the league that season. Would you rather play in the Super Bowl, or be chosen for the Pro Bowl? Why?
  • Super Bowl commercials are one of the most expensive opportunities in advertising, partly because they reach such a large audience of people. Many advertisers use Super Bowl spots as a chance to unveil a new message or do something more creative than usual to catch people’s attention. If you were given an ad spot during the Super Bowl and could use it to advertise any message you wanted, what would you say?
  • Imagine you’ve been put in charge of the halftime show and you can choose any performers, living or dead, to participate. What would your perfect halftime show include?