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ES: Ideas And Advice

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ES: Families in Action

Mona Fishbane, Ph.D. reflects on the importance of Shabbat meals and rituals to her and her family over the generations.

The new book "The Warrior's Table" brings The Family Dinner Project to Military Special Operations families.

The Family Dinner Project partnered with Wellspring Multi-Service Center in MA to pilot a new Dinner in a Box program for families.

ES: Expert Advice

Image describing age-appropriate family dinner chores for kids

Get the whole family helping at mealtimes with our printable list of age-appropriate family dinner chores for kids from 2-18 (and beyond)!

Autism, ADHD, and learning differences can cause challenges at family meals. We've got expert help to improve dinnertime for everyone.

ES: The Science Behind Family Dinners

New research by The Family Dinner Project and Making Caring Common shows that COVID changed dinner for many families in lasting ways.

Get the latest research on the benefits of family dinner for adults, and why eating with others is good for you -- no matter how old you are.

Many years of research show that family dinner improves literacy skills in young kids. We break down the studies and give families ideas to use at meals.

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