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ES: Ideas And Advice

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ES: Families in Action

An RDN from the Mayo Clinic reflects on how The Family Dinner Project has impacted her both professionally and personally.

An inspiring teen shares how family dinners have strengthened her, and how she's paying it forward with a school-wide service project.

The Lehman Family is a military family juggling five kids, frequent moves, picky eating and a mission to help other families like theirs.

ES: Expert Advice

Get expert tips on how to return to a back-to-school routine this fall in this interview with Dr. Khadijah Watkins from the MGH Clay Center.

Wondering how to handle vaccinations and family gatherings? Here are our tips for having the difficult conversation about safety.

Resilience experts Dr. Juliana Chen and Dr. Tai Katzenstein teach parents how to talk to kids and teens during this summer of transition.

ES: The Science Behind Family Dinners

Get the latest research on the benefits of family dinner for adults, and why eating with others is good for you -- no matter how old you are.

Many years of research show that family dinner improves literacy skills in young kids. We break down the studies and give families ideas to use at meals.

Dr. Anne Fishel announces an interactive online course and cooking show for mental health professionals through Massachusetts General Hospital.

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