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Red Carpet Rewind: Conversations Inspired by the Oscars

oscarsWhile in most years the majority of the internet buzz following the Oscars has to do with the red carpet and the winners (or losers) of the awards, this year our team noticed something different: People were talking about the speeches. Many of the stars who made it to the podium in 2015 used their moments in the spotlight to draw attention to issues of importance to them, and the at-home audience took notice.

We thought there were a number of interesting conversation starters raised during the Oscars, and several topics worth exploring with families. So we’ve created this special Conversation of the Week mini-feature: Two different conversations, with links to additional resources so you can tailor the level and intensity of your family’s interactions in a way that’s comfortable and appropriate for you. While it’s always fun to talk about fashions and films that entertain us, we hope you’ll find some of the questions and topics in our Red Carpet Rewind to be valuable in shaping dinner table conversations about things that matter.

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