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The Family Dinner Project on The Plural of You Podcast

plural-of-you-logoWe are pleased to announce that The Family Dinner Project has been featured on an episode of The Plural of You, a podcast about people helping people. TFDP’s Executive Director, Lynn Barendsen, spoke with The Plural of You’s Josh Morgan about the work that she does with The Family Dinner Project and how adding family dinners to your daily routine can be a relatively simple change with a much larger positive impact.

The Plural of You seeks to tell the stories of individuals who are changing the world through an attitude of caring and positivity. We’re honored to be represented on the podcast, not only because of Lynn’s wonderful work and her impact as an individual, but because we believe that the act of having more regular and meaningful family meals can increase the positive impact of every person in their own lives and communities. Family dinners are not just a moment in the day when we can gather to eat together; they represent a chance to improve our connections, our health and the well-being of ourselves and those we love. Family dinner is a good habit that multiplies and spreads!

Listen to Lynn’s interview on The Plural of You and find out more about the podcast here.

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