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Feeling Lonely? Share a Meal.

Jun 2024

Loneliness is an epidemic in America, but research shows that sharing a meal with others…

Welcome to May Madness

May 2024

May Madness is here - the end-of-school-year rush of activities and celebrations. Get our top…

Family Dinner Has Gotten Expensive

Apr 2024

Family dinner has gotten expensive lately. Although inflation is coming down, grocery prices stay high.…

Is it the Family, Or the Dinner?

Mar 2024

Is it the family, or the dinner, that makes the difference? We're breaking down why…

Black History Month at Family Dinner

Feb 2024

“Hold on,” my 14-year-old son said. “You’re telling me there were slaves in Texas who…

New Year, Same You

Jan 2024

You don't need to reinvent yourself this year. We're leaning into "New Year, Same You!"…

Sharing the Holiday Load

Dec 2023

Sharing holiday responsibilities is a key way to make the season merry and enjoyable for…

What’s Your Thanksgiving Story?

Nov 2023

What's your Thanksgiving story? We're taking a closer look at history, tradition, and the true…

Family Dinner: Stressful, or Stress-Busting?

Oct 2023

Given the state of family dinner in 2023, is it really worth the stress? A…

New Ways to Ask “How Was Your Day?”

Sep 2023

Everyone needs new ways to ask "How Was Your Day?" Get past the one-word answers…

Low Stress, Low Cost, Low Waste Dinner Hacks

Aug 2023

Every parent needs low cost, low waste, low stress dinner hacks to help them ease…

Family Dinner After Divorce

Jul 2023

“I can’t get them to eat anything else…and it doesn’t help that their mother just…

Preparing Teens for Dinner Independence

Jun 2023

Preparing teens for dinner independence is a long process. Make sure your kids have the…

Talking to Kids About Technology

May 2023

Talking to kids about technology and social media use can be a tricky task for…

Reduce Eating Disorder Risk at Family Dinner

Apr 2023

Research shows parents can reduce eating disorder risk through meaningful family meals. Here's how to…

Boost Mental Health with Music at Meals

Mar 2023

Boost your family's mental health with music at meals! Check out our fun (and research-backed)…

Family Dinner and Romantic Relationships

Feb 2023

Shortly after my husband and I started dating during our first year of college, he…

52 Weeks of Family Dinner

Jan 2023

Get ready for 52 weeks of family dinner this New Year, with inspiration for making…

When the Holidays Change

Dec 2022

“This,” declared my 13-year-old, looking me straight in the eye, “is the year we bring…

On the Menu: A Truly Thankful Thanksgiving

Nov 2022

This year, we're focusing on slowing down and having a truly thankful Thanksgiving with a…

When Different Generations Come to the Table

Oct 2022

When different generations share family meals, it can be both rewarding and challenging. We're digging…

Autism, ADHD, Sensory Issues, and More

Sep 2022

Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing issues, and more developmental challenges can impact family dinners, but we…

When Sports Take Over Family Dinner

Aug 2022

Back to school means back to sports, and back to rushing at meals. Here's what…

Camp, College, and Changes to Routine

Jul 2022

Camp, college, and other changes to routine can shake up your family dinners. Here are…

Sharing the Invisible Labor of Family Dinner

Jun 2022

Family dinner is a big source of invisible labor. Two-family households are starting to change…

Getting Ready to Gather Again

May 2022

Getting ready to gather again this summer, after the pandemic disruptions of the past few…

Managing Anxiety at Family Meals

Apr 2022

Managing anxiety at family meals can be a challenge, but we've got plenty of resources…

The First Family Dinners

Mar 2022

Whether you're just starting out as a couple or adding children to the family, we've…

Is Your Family Talking About Love (and Sex)?

Feb 2022

Is your family talking about love (and sex)? Family dinners help model healthy relationships and…

Dinner Coping Skills for 2022

Jan 2022

As another stressful New Year starts, we all need new dinner coping skills to stay…

Beat the Supply Chain with “Small” Holiday Family Bonding Ideas

Dec 2021

Beat the supply chain woes this season with "small" holiday family bonding ideas, from homemade…

Thanksgiving in the “New Normal”

Nov 2021

How will we celebrate Thanksgiving in the "New Normal?" More than half of families will…

Phones at Dinner? Rebooting Tech at the Table

Oct 2021

COVID changed the way we view technology, even during dinner. Our new resources help you…

Getting Back to Learning

Sep 2021

As kids are getting back to learning this fall, parents can help support the tricky…

The Back-to-School Dinner Habits You Want This Year

Aug 2021

We asked families across the country to tell us about the back-to-school dinner habits they…

Less Cleaning, Less Cooking, More Family Dinner

Jul 2021

Families say cleanup and cooking are their biggest dinner headaches. We've got great ideas for…

How to Handle the Longest Back-to-School Season

Jun 2021

Gradually transitioning back to routines after COVID is like the longest back-to-school season ever. We've…

Family Dinner is Good for Adults, Too

May 2021

Family dinner is good for adults, not just for kids! We're sharing the latest research…

Teens at the Dinner Table

Apr 2021

80 percent of teens want to eat with their families. So how can you connect…

Building Positive Body Image at Family Dinner

Mar 2021

Teens who regularly eat with their families have better body image. Here's how to be…

How to Bond With Your Family in 20 Minutes or Less

Feb 2021

Get our expert advice on ways to bond with your family in 20 minutes or…

Caring For Your Family’s Mental Health This Winter

Jan 2021

Get expert tips on caring for your family's mental health during the challenging winter ahead,…

Make At-Home Memories This Season

Dec 2020

Whether you’re looking forward to a calmer December or just waiting to wave goodbye to…

How to Handle Holiday Dinners This Year

Nov 2020

Wondering how to handle holiday dinners during COVID? We have tips and expert advice for…

Family Dinner Has Changed with the Times

Oct 2020

COVID-19 wasn't what anyone expected. Family life has changed, and family dinners have changed with…

Families are Cooking More. Is Yours One of Them?

Sep 2020

According to the Guelph Family Health Study, families are cooking more than they have before.…

Back to School? How to Plan When There is No Plan

Aug 2020

Back to School 2020 isn't going to look the way we expect. Here's how parents…

At a Time Like This, Who Needs Family Dinner?

Jul 2020

Does dinner matter right now? With an ongoing pandemic, social and political unrest and lots…

The Importance of Sensory Play at Family Dinner

Jun 2020

Sensory play at family dinner is important for building motor skills, good eating habits, mindfulness…

Getting Along and Taming Tension During Quarantine

May 2020

It’s essential that we figure out how to help everyone get along during the stress…

Family Dinner During Quarantine

Apr 2020

Get expert advice to make the most out of family dinner during quarantine, from virtual…

Fostering STEM Learning at Family Dinner

Mar 2020

Check out our ideas for activities, conversation starters and games to help kids of all…

Encouraging Honesty and Trust at Family Dinner

Feb 2020

Honesty and trust are important topics. Get our top tips for encouraging the development of…

Keep Track of Your Family Dinner Goals This Year

Jan 2020

Track your family dinner goals this year with resources from The Family Dinner Project! Get…

Teaching Kids Responsibility Through Family Dinner

Dec 2019

Teaching kids responsibility is important to parents. But how can you get them helping out,…

New Ways to Connect at Thanksgiving (and beyond)

Nov 2019

Make Thanksgiving meaningful with these food, fun and conversation ideas to help you connect and…

Top Tips From Our New Book

Oct 2019

After many months of hard work and anticipation, we’re proud to announce that our new…

How to Help Kids Develop Courage

Sep 2019

When asked what qualities they’d most like to see their children develop, parents often list…

Family Dinner in an Empty Nest

Aug 2019

Family dinners change after the kids leave home, but that doesn't mean they stop being…

Family Dinner on the Road

Jul 2019

We usually tell families to try to keep dinner on the calendar even during the…

Beating the “I’m Bored” Blues

Jun 2019

With summer vacation come the "I'm bored" blues. Learn how to use family mealtimes to…

New Look, New Features, New Dinner Inspiration!

May 2019

Improvements to The Family Dinner Project website will help families easily find the food, fun…

Why You Should Fool Around at Dinner

Apr 2019

When a month starts with a whole day dedicated to fooling people, it feels like…

Using Family Dinner to Develop Grit

Mar 2019

Ask most parents and educators these days what qualities they’re interested in helping kids to…

Building Healthy Relationships at the Table

Feb 2019

Get our top tips for using the family dinner table as an opportunity to teach…

New Year, New Projects, New Stories

Jan 2019

Happy 2019! Wherever you are in your family dinner journey, we’re happy to have you…

Staying Simple for the Season

Dec 2018

It’s hard not to overcommit ourselves during this time of year. Between planning holiday celebrations,…

Our Gratitude List for November

Nov 2018

Each year around this time, we share ideas and resources to help families make the…

Don’t Be Scared of Picky Eating

Oct 2018

Don't let picky eating scare your family away from the dinner table. Try our expert…

Mastering the Split Shift Family Dinner

Sep 2018

Busy schedules got you down? Here's how to make the most of family dinner even…

Falling into Family Dinner

Aug 2018

Don't wait until fall to plan your family dinners -- get advice and tips for…

Practicing Courtesy at Family Dinner

Jul 2018

Use your family dinner table to model courtesy, kindness and civility this month!

Family Dinner Can (and Maybe Should) be a Picnic

Jun 2018

Believe it or not, taking dinner on the go can be great for the whole…

Make Memories With Family Dinner

May 2018

In a world where we’re constantly urged to “make memories” and to “make every moment…

Growing with the Seasons at Family Dinner

Apr 2018

The Family Dinner Project is based in Massachusetts, and by this time of the year,…

Family Dinner: It’s Good For You

Mar 2018

  March is National Nutrition Month. For many families, nutrition is a top priority at…

Your Family Dinner Goals for 2018

Feb 2018

We asked our Facebook community to share their family dinner "resolutions" for 2018. Here are…


Looking Back: A Year’s Worth of Family Dinners

Jan 2018

With Thanksgiving and winter holidays now only weeks away...


How to Give Yourself the Gift of Family Dinner This Season

Dec 2017

With Thanksgiving and winter holidays now only weeks away...

newsletter november

Giving Thanks for Family Dinner

Nov 2017

With Thanksgiving and winter holidays now only weeks away...

Newsletter October

Does Family Dinner Scare You?

Oct 2017

October is a month of thrills and chills, when people delight in telling their favorite…

Newsletter September

Bring Calm to the Family Dinner Table

Sep 2017

One parent we know recently summed up her feelings about September: “It’s like I can…


Starting a Family Dinner Routine for Back to School

Aug 2017

During the summer, many families change their dinnertime habits...


Independence at the Dinner Table

Jul 2017

Resilience is a hot topic these days -- everyone wants to know how to become…

newsletter june

Family Dinners for Healthy Eating

Jun 2017

One of the many benefits of family dinners is healthy eating habits...

Newsletter May

Family History at Family Dinner

May 2017

Resilience is a hot topic these days -- everyone wants to know how to become…

april newsletter

Choosing and Using Words at the Dinner Table

Apr 2017

Our co-founder, Dr. Anne Fishel, is fond of saying that while food brings everyone to…

march newsletter

Rules, Rules, Rules

Mar 2017

“My dad doesn’t allow talking at the table. He says dinnertime is eating time, not…

February Newsletter

Showing Family Dinner Some Love

Feb 2017

Once the excitement of big family gatherings and New Year’s resolutions wears off, it’s all…

newsletter jan 2017

Making Family Dinner New for the New Year

Jan 2017

With the dropping of the famed ball in Times Square at midnight on January 1...


Celebrating the Season with Family Dinner

Dec 2016

Shopping. Wrapping. Decorating. School performances. Parties. December is full of seasonal obligations...

november newsletter

Thanks and Giving at the Dinner Table

Nov 2016

  November is the month when we celebrate “The Mother of all Family Dinners,” otherwise…


Tension Tamers for the Family Dinner Table

Oct 2016

  Family dinner should be a fun, rewarding experience most of the time. After all,…

Strengthening Family Bonds at the Dinner Table

Sep 2016

  There are a number of excellent reasons to have regular family dinners, but when…

Back-to-School Success Strategies

Back-to-School Success Strategies

Aug 2016

  With the flip of another calendar page, it’s that time again. In some places,…

July Newsletter

Family Dinner: Boredom Buster, Brain Builder

Jul 2016

  Ah, summer vacation. Everyone’s relaxing and having fun…and then it hits you. That first…

Relaxing at Family Dinner

Relaxing at Family Dinner

Jun 2016

  For many families, summertime means less structured time. Without the schedules and routines that…


The “How” of Family Dinner

May 2016

  You may notice that this newsletter is a bit different from our usual. That’s…


Being Aware at Family Dinner

Apr 2016

  Family dinner, by nature, encourages us to be aware: Aware of making the time…


Planting the Seeds of Good Health at the Dinner Table

Mar 2016

  Depending on where you live, March may be coming in like its characteristic lion,…


Love Your Time at the Table

Feb 2016

  Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and with it, the annual demands that we lavish…

Family Dinner Resolutions

Family Dinner Resolutions

Jan 2016

  The New Year’s resolution is a tradition that tends to elicit one of two…


A Season for Sharing

Dec 2015

  This month provides The Family Dinner Project, and all of our friends, partners and…


Giving, Gratitude and a New Menu for Dinner Tonight

Nov 2015

  In November, we celebrate the occasion our co-founder, Dr. Anne Fishel, jokingly refers to…


Building a Better World at the Family Dinner Table

Oct 2015

  We all know that research has shown family dinners can have a number of…


Keeping the Fun in Family Dinner

Sep 2015

At this time of year, everyone is in a rush. Often September means the return…


Transition Time: How to Handle Beginnings and Endings

Aug 2015

    As hard as it is to believe, the back-to-school ads are telling us…

july newsletetter-feature

Sunny Side Up: Tips for Making The Most of Summer (while avoiding burnout)

Jul 2015

    Summer is finally here! If you’ve been waiting with breathless anticipation for warmer…


June 2015: Celebrating Dads and Grads

Jun 2015

  For many of us, June is a busy time of celebrations and transitions. With…

May-Feature mother and son

May’s Menu: Honoring Our Mothers and Soldiers

May 2015

  Need an interesting conversation starter for the table this month? Ask your family what…


April’s Menu: Main Course, Verse, with a Side of Earth

Apr 2015

  Sure it’s a month famous mostly for its rainy days, but we love April…

March Newsletter

Marching Toward Spring: Tips for Conquering Cabin Fever

Mar 2015

  It’s coming! Spring is only 13 days away (or less, depending on when you’re…


All you need is Love (And Dinner)

Feb 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day Month! Perhaps the Beatles were correct when they crooned “All you need…


On the menu for 2015? Connection.

Jan 2015

Happy New Year! Despite the colder temperatures, we love January. This month is the perfect…


Five Gifts that keep on Giving

Dec 2014

Happy holidays! Let’s keep the giving spirit that started with Thanksgiving and #GivingTuesday going all…


Tips for Talking about Giving

Nov 2014

“Talking about philanthropy with children couldn’t be more important. I don’t think you can measure…


Nurturing Kindness: Try our Simple Recipe

Oct 2014

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness. – William Arthur Ward October is…


The supplies your kids really need for school (no pencils required)

Sep 2014

Just like all transitions, the back-to-school season can stir up many different emotions for kids.…

Summer’s Last Course: Carpe Diem!

Aug 2014

Ah, August. The summer’s final hurrah. This month is like the last course of a…

Summer’s Last Course: Carpe Diem!

Aug 2014

Ah, August. The summer’s final hurrah. This month is like the last course of a…

july 2014

The Four Freedoms of Family Meals

Jul 2014

Happy 238th Birthday America! This month, we celebrate our freedom as we honor the creation…

What’s on the Menu for June? Transition.

Jun 2014

  As the school year winds down, children’s excitement for the freedom of summer often…

Mother's Day

Kids who Care? We’ve got the Recipe for Mother’s Day and Beyond

May 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful, hard-working and loving moms out there! In our…

hands holding globe

Now Serving: 7 tips for a healthier planet

Apr 2014

Get your family excited about caring for the planet this month! Earth Day falls on…

Spring Ahead! 6 Tips for Healthier Eating

Mar 2014

In recognition of the coming spring and National Nutrition Month in March, we want to…


Ideas to Warm up Your February

Feb 2014

It’s February: the month of love and valentines and, depending on where you live, possibly…

Four Weeks to a Closer Family

Jan 2014

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Earlier this month we officially introduced our innovative new…

Five Tips for Creating Family Traditions

Dec 2013

Few times of the year are as steeped in tradition as the December holiday season.…

Easing Tension at the Table (just in time for Thanksgiving!)

Nov 2013

Tension at the table is one of the most common reasons families choose not to…


Exploring Empathy at the Dinner Table

Oct 2013

Seeing that it’s Bullying Prevention Month, we’ve dedicated our October newsletter to cultivating bullying’s archenemy:…

Are You Ready?

Back to the Dinner Table. Are you ready?

Sep 2013

Yes, it is back to school for many, but for us at The Family Dinner…

Summertime…and the Dinner is Easy (Really – Find out How!)

Jul 2013

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in…

How Many Cooks in your Kitchen?

Jun 2013

Now that the school year is winding down, you might want to break out of…

Fostering Fairness in our Kids

May 2013

“That’s not fair!” may be the most popular complaint in the history of childhood. Kids…

Raising Resilient Kids

Apr 2013

Let’s face it: things don’t always work out the way we hope they will. For…

Making Responsibility Fun

Mar 2013

Did you know that in Japan, most schools don’t employ janitors? It’s true! Rather than…

Valentine’s Day Family Dinner

Feb 2013

Even if you have reservations at a restaurant on February 14, you can still have…

Tips for Better Family Dinners in 2013

Jan 2013

What moments filled you and your family with pride in 2012? And what positive changes…