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Newsletter: January 2020

Keep Track of Your Family Dinner Goals This Year

The New Year is here, and with it, the annual struggle over resolutions. Will you make them? More importantly, if you make them, will you keep them?

The trouble with resolutions is usually one of two things: Either they’re unrealistic, or we don’t have a good way to hold ourselves accountable for making progress towards achieving them. The Family Dinner Project has a goal-setting tool that can help with both of those challenges. We provide lots of suggestions for simple, doable family dinner goals that you can choose from, or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can set your own. We also offer a calendar feature that lets you keep track of your progress, as well as a rating system where you can record how satisfied you are with your family dinners over time. With all of these resources, you not only get to set a goal that feels right for your family, but you can look back and see how far you’ve come over time!

To make our goal-setting tool a part of your New Year’s Resolutions, just sign up for a free site membership. Then you can set goals, track your progress and stay connected anytime through the “My Tools” area of our website. Whether you’re hoping to eat more meals together this year, try new foods, have better conversations or have more fun at the table, there’s a family dinner goal that we’re sure will be right for you.

Here’s to more food, fun and conversation in 2020! For more goal-setting inspiration, check out these links:

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