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Wacky Resolutions

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After you’ve shared your real resolutions with each other, have fun with our Mad Libs-style resolutions. Fill in the blanks with suggestions from different family members. Then read each resolution out loud!

This year, ______________(name) will eat more ____________(noun) made with organic ____________(noun) so that he/she will feel more _____________(adjective).

This year, ______________(name) will stop spending money on unnecessary ___________(nouns) so that he/she can buy the ____________(adjective) ____________(noun) that he/she has always wanted.

This year, ______________(name) will do ___________(large number) push-ups for __________(small number) minutes so that he/she will have the physique of a ____________(animal).

This year, _____________(name) will meditate for ______(number) hours while chanting ____________(song) in order to find inner ________________(feeling).