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Recent Posts

Dinner and a Movie: Holiday Movies to Watch as a Family

Get our list of holiday movies to watch as a family this season, plus food, fun and conversation ideas to make them meaningful.

Talking About Stress Management

Right now, there are lots of reasons to feel stressed. Talking about stress management with your family can help you find ways to stay calm.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Wansleben Family

Christine Wansleben and her 13-year-old twins are reinventing Thanksgiving during COVID with a uniquely 2020 twist on holiday traditions.

Rethinking Thanksgiving During COVID

Dr. Anne Fishel is rethinking how to celebrate Thanksgiving during COVID, and sharing expert tips to help families mark the holiday.

Standing Up: Soccer Players Defend a Teammate

Talk about standing up for others with conversation starters about the Loyal soccer team defending their teammate with a surprising gesture.

Real Family Dinner Projects: Partnering with the Idaho Office of Drug Policy

By partnering with the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, we were able to support 15,000 families with resources for their family dinners.

Talk About: Voting for the President

Elections are an important teachable moment. Talk about voting, democracy and participating in the process with these conversation starters.