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Recent Posts

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Carr Family

Meet the Carr family! Their family dinners are becoming richer and more enjoyable as their three kids grow. They “keep the energy fun and the food tasty!”

Family Breakfast #4: Chia Parfaits and Kitchen Art

Make family breakfast special with red, white and blue chia parfaits, an easy morning art project and silly conversation starters.

Family Picnic #5: Stuffed Burgers and Water Play

Celebrate July 4th weekend with a family picnic in the backyard! Serve stuffed burgers, enjoy some water play and talk about freedom and history.

Family Breakfast #3: Granola Toast and Dance Party

Make the morning special with crunchy, irresistible toast, a family dance party and a series of conversation starters about books, movies and music.

Talking About: Juneteenth

Use our conversation starter ideas to spark a discussion about Juneteenth, an important day in history commemorating the end of slavery.

Family Breakfast #2: Morning Yoga and Eggs in a Mug

Make family breakfast a relaxing start to the day with morning yoga poses, the fastest eggs in a mug ever, and calming conversation.

Swiss Muesli

Family Breakfast #1: Morning Laughs and Muesli

Family breakfast is just as good as family dinner! Start the morning off right with make-ahead muesli, a family joke jar and lighthearted conversation.