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Recent Posts

Adult Relationships and Family Dinner

Dr. Anne Fishel examines family dinner across the lifespan of a relationship, from new couplehood to old age.

Real Family Dinner Projects: Partnering With the Quincy Children’s Museum

The Quincy Children’s Museum and The Family Dinner Project partnered on some innovative dinner events for families!

How to Talk to Others About Your Child’s Eating Challenges

You may not always know how to talk about your child’s eating needs with others. Here’s some advice for family and social gatherings.

How to Create Safe Family Meals After Trauma

It can be difficult to know how to create safe family meals after trauma. We have ideas to help you cope and bring everyone to the table.

Dinner with Kids Who Fidget

Dinner with kids who fidget can be frustrating for everyone. Here’s how to set up neurodivergent kids for success at the table.

Sensory Sensitivities at Family Dinner

Sensory sensitivities at family dinner can make meals a challenge. Here’s how to help kids with sensory processing difficulties.

Making Family Meals More Inclusive

We have expert advice on making family meals inclusive for kids with ADHD, autism, or disabilities that impact communication and behavior.