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Dinner and a Movie: Food, Fun and Conversation About Anti-Racism

In collaboration with Common Sense Media, we’re sharing family films, food, fun, and conversation to help families tackle the topic of anti-racism.

Family Breakfast #6: Egg Tostadas and a Story Game

Enjoy a family breakfast this week with easy, cheesy egg tostadas, a storytelling game and inspiring conversation starters.

Family Picnic #7: Raggedy Ann Salads and Recycled Art

Enjoy a family picnic filled with creativity! Edible and recycled art projects include Raggedy Ann salads and a trash to treasure challenge.

Family Breakfast #5: Make-Ahead Egg Sandwiches and Love Notes

This make ahead breakfast features easy egg sandwiches, origami love notes and positive conversation starters for busy mornings!

Easy grilled chicken sandwich

Family Picnic #6: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and a Walking Dessert

Enjoy a family picnic this weekend with grilled chicken sandwiches, a walking dessert idea and conversation starters about envisioning the future.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Carr Family

Meet the Carr family! Their family dinners are becoming richer and more enjoyable as their three kids grow. They “keep the energy fun and the food tasty!”

Family Breakfast #4: Chia Parfaits and Kitchen Art

Make family breakfast special with red, white and blue chia parfaits, an easy morning art project and silly conversation starters.