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How Dinner Changes When the Kids Leave Home

Dr. Anne Fishel gives her personal and professional advice to couples confronting an empty nest, and empty dinner tables, after the kids leave home.

How to Talk About the Border

We provide tips for talking about history, respect and the news stories from the southern border, regardless of your family’s stance on immigration.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The “Super Tuesday” Friends

A group of families from New Hampshire starts a neighborhood family dinner, giving them the chance to share the load and develop community bonds!

Class of 2023 or No Class At All?

Should Harvard have revoked the acceptance of a student who made racist comments online? Talk to your teens about online accountability tonight.

Family Dinner Conversation Starters About Graduation

Graduation season is a time of endings, beginnings, and big feelings for all members of the family. Talk about graduation with our conversation starters.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Sigler Family

A family of four from Ohio shares how they’re constantly adapting to each new age and stage to make family dinner — and laughter — central in their lives.

Family Dinner Conversations for Memorial Day

Help your family remember the real reason for the long weekend celebrations with these family dinner conversation starters about Memorial Day.