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Newsletter: February 2017

Showing Family Dinner Some Love

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February Newsletter


Once the excitement of big family gatherings and New Year’s resolutions wears off, it’s all too easy to fall back into the same old traps of modern life — the ones that make many of us feel too busy, too tired and too stressed to prioritize family dinners. We know from our work with families that most people believe that family dinner is important, but can’t always figure out how to turn their positive thoughts about dinnertime into actions.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you’re probably thinking of ways to show a little extra love to the important people in your life. So how about showing a little extra love to the THINGS that are important, too? By increasing your commitment to family dinners this February, you’ll also be giving your family a loving gift that will last long after the 14th.

For some families, planning meals ahead of time is one of the most difficult obstacles to having regular dinners together. De-stress the planning process with one of our Meal Planning Hacks!

Meal Planning Hacks for Busy Families »

Get everybody into the kitchen to help prepare meals isn’t just a way to lighten the workload; it’s also a great way to bond! Try one of these activities to get kids interested in helping out.

Explore Mystery Foods »
Blindfolded Smell Test »
Make it Literary »

These special dinner-friendly activities will put a little heart into your mealtime, on Valentine’s Day or any day!

The Song Game »
Origami Love Notes »
Cards to Show You Care »

We’re pleased to introduce teen dinner advocate Gabriela! Learn about her family dinners and her loving community service project.

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Townsend Family »



Sweeten family dinner for your sweeties with homemade hot fudge. Try using it as a dip for strawberries for a Valentine’s dessert!

Homemade Hot Fudge »



Make every night a “loving” occasion with this list game!

20 Things I Love About… »



Make every night a “loving” occasion with this list game!

Model healthy relationships at your dinner table! Check out these tips for modeling romance at the dinner table, from The Family Dinner Project team and our friend Dr. Richard Weissbourd.

Revealing Romance at the Dinner Table »