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Newsletter: November 2016

Thanks and Giving at the Dinner Table

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november newsletter


November is the month when we celebrate “The Mother of all Family Dinners,” otherwise known as Thanksgiving. It’s also the kick-off to what is arguably one of the busiest seasons of the year, with occasions to gather and share meals with family and friends filling our calendars from now until the New Year. How can you make memories when you’re totally preoccupied with making a turkey dinner for 15?

We can’t be in the kitchen with you while the turkey’s cooking, but we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you prep for the memory-making! Check out these two great (and easy!) ways to slow down and focus on what matters this holiday season: Putting the “family” back into “family dinner.”

Giving thanks at the table doesn’t have to be limited to going around while each person names something they’re grateful for this year. Shake up your thankfulness routines with our fun conversation starters, downloads, printables and activities. From a sweet food craft to placemats and intergenerational interviews, there’s something for everybody in our Thanksgiving section!

The Family Dinner Project Thanksgiving »

It’s hard to be thankful, or get into the giving spirit, with “holidays” like Black Friday and Cyber Monday encouraging us to be as materialistic as possible. That’s why we’re teaming up with #GivingTuesday again this year. Join our #giveandtalk campaign for #GivingTuesday on (or before) November 29, 2016 and make a family pledge to keep you in the giving spirit throughout the holiday season.

Join #GiveandTalk and see more of our giving resources for families »
Learn more about #GivingTuesday »

This month we’re pleased to introduce you to the Nelsons, a military family living abroad with plenty of wisdom to share about creating strong bonds at the dinner table!

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Nelson Family »


november food

We’re giving thanks for this fun and delicious Japanese recipe from the Nelson Family!

The Nelson Family’s Katsudon »


november fun

Focus on the reason for the season with our #GivingTuesday printable activities.

Giving Activities »


november conversation

Until November 9 (and beyond!), the election is still a hot topic for many of us. Check out our take on talking politics at the table, with resources from our friends at Democracy Cafe, the Harry Potter Alliance, and Common Sense Media.

Talking Politics at the Dinner Table »