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Newsletter: March 2016

Planting the Seeds of Good Health at the Dinner Table

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Depending on where you live, March may be coming in like its characteristic lion, or it may already be showing its kinder, fluffier lamb side. Either way, we know that this month marks the annual turning point towards Spring, with sunshine and new seeds sprouting all around us!

This March, we’re focusing on how family dinner can plant seeds of its own: the seeds of good health, not just physically but emotionally, socially and academically as well. When you sit down with your family each night, you’ve got a unique opportunity to grow something special. Here are some ways to get things going this month:

We’re teaming up with our friends at the Recipe for Success Foundation to spread the word about their Veg Out! Challenge. This month, they’ll feature a new vegetable each day and provide recipes and cooking tips to help you try it out.

Research shows that eating regular family dinners results in greater consumption of fruits and vegetables, and is a predictor of healthier eating habits lifelong. We’ll be joining Recipe for Success and helping you capture those great healthy eating benefits at your dinner table by featuring a Veg Out! vegetable and main dish recipe every week as part of our Dinner Tonight series. Make sure to follow along and try something new!

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Political fervor is heating up as the Presidential Primaries head towards Super Tuesday. We can’t think of a better time to examine the teachings of an influential figure in the shaping of America, or a better time to take a closer look at our own ideals. The Family Dinner Project has teamed up with the 92Y to create a new resource for engaging your friends and family in a fun, civic-minded dialogue at the dinner table. Check out our work on the new Benjamin Franklin Circles initiative and take this opportunity to plant some seeds of wisdom and civic engagement!

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We often hear from families that one of their challenges with instituting a regular family dinner routine is making sure that the table is a tension-free zone. While the occasional disagreement or tough topic is bound to come up at dinnertime, getting all the social and emotional benefits associated with family dinner is much more likely if the table’s a place for peace rather than a war zone. Dr. Anne Fishel has practical tips and strategies you can use tonight to banish conflict and tension from your dinner table for good.

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Get in the veggie spirit with these Veggie Waffles — perfect for family dinner, family breakfast, or anytime!

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Trying to sow the seeds of good habits by keeping younger kids at the table for a little extra time? Check out our ideas for occupying busy tablemates after they’re done eating!

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Plant some curiosity about scientific discovery with this out-of-this-world Conversation of the Week!

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