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Newsletter: December 2020

Make At-Home Memories This Season

The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is usually jam-packed. Families fill their calendars with fun seasonal activities, outings, parties and preparations. Often, December can be one of the busiest months for parents. Juggling work, family life and all the holiday season “extras” can be both exhausting and joyful.

This year is a bit different from years past. For many families, concerns about COVID will mean a big change of plans. The usual hustle and bustle won’t be possible with restrictions on school and community activities. And just like Thanksgiving, the upcoming family holiday gatherings might need to be rethought.

Some families may welcome the slowdown of a usually frantic pace. But others are struggling to find the same spark of joy in the season, without all the activities they usually look forward to. Planning for a different kind of holiday season can be its own kind of stress, and parents might be feeling the pressure to “make magic happen” while coping with new restrictions. One parent we know told us “The only thing I’m looking forward to this month is getting 2020 over and done with!”

Whether you’re looking forward to a calmer, cozier December than usual or just waiting to wave goodbye to a stressful year, we hope you’ll find ways to focus on simple ways to spend time with your family this month. We’ve created a printable calendar you can use for inspiration. Our 31 Days of Family Fun calendar has daily ideas to help you keep the focus on togetherness this holiday season. From sweet ways to share family memories to silly games like the Cookie Face Race, there’s sure to be something on the calendar for everyone.

Get our Printable Family Activity Calendar here



No matter what, or how, you’re celebrating this month, we wish you and your family health and happiness — and of course, great food, fun and conversation.

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