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31 Days of Fun Family Activities for the Holiday Season

Posted on: November 30th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

Fun family activities may not be easy to find this December. Most of us are used to a month filled with parties, shopping trips and lots of hustle and bustle. But as COVID cases spread across the country, many of the family activities we look forward to are cancelled.

We’ve heard from a number of families who are wondering how to keep a festive spirit while staying home this month. Without parties, pageants and packed shopping malls, we have a unique opportunity to focus on family time. This holiday season can be a time of connecting and finding simple pleasures each day. We’re offering easy, fun family activities to do at home every day this month.

Our printable activity calendar has something for everyone. Try letting the kids cook dinner on Mondays, or help with some family baking projects this month. Bring fun to family time with read-alouds and games. Have a singalong or plan a movie night. And don’t forget to keep a giving spirit. Brighten someone’s day with love notes or neighborhood decorations to give back this month!

Family Cooking Activities

You probably have your own special recipes for the season. This is the perfect time to pull them out and add them to the calendar. Make a favorite dinner recipe for Dine-In Day on the third, or teach your family to make a traditional treat on the twelfth. Your Cookie Face Race later in the month will be sweeter with a special holiday cookie recipe. And of course, you can ring in the New Year with an at-home “restaurant” that serves your family specialties!

But just in case you need more inspiration, we’re also sharing recipe ideas from our friends at Kids Cook Monday and the Home Baking Association. They’re experts in getting the whole family into the kitchen! We know you’ll love their ideas for simple, kid-friendly recipes and cooking activities this month.

Family Fun Activities

Playing games together makes family time more fun. So does bringing a little creativity to the table! This month, you can be as silly or as serious as you want with lots of easy family activity ideas. Share your family history and favorite memories by passing around photos or special objects. Plan a dinnertime read-aloud of seasonal stories, or choose a book that would be meaningful to your family and take turns reading to each other. You can make up a new seasonal tradition for your family, or enjoy a pajama party or “backwards” dinner together.

If you’re looking for even more game and activity ideas, check out our Fun page or look through our Dinner and a Movie suggestions. We’re sure there’s something there your family will enjoy!

Download Our Printable Family Activity Calendar for December

We hope this calendar will give your family a little something to look forward to each day during December 2020. Without the usual events to occupy our time, we’re all going to need lots of ideas to keep our spirits high. Our printable calendar can help you focus on family time and enjoy food, fun and conversation at home this holiday season!

Download a printable pdf