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Conversation of the Week

What does your family think about education issues, sports scandals and the latest campaign headlines? Each week, The Family Dinner Project posts a summary of a current news story, along with thought-provoking questions that will help your family talk about topics that matter.

Getting Into the Games

August 12th, 2016

Fun conversation starters about the Olympics, competition and going for gold.

Highs and Lows

August 2nd, 2016

“When they go low, we go high.” What does the First Lady’s motto mean to your family?

Citizens of the World

June 24th, 2016

Recent events make us wonder about the nature of independence and civic responsibility.

Tweeting Normandy

June 6th, 2016

History comes alive in a unique social media project.

Wookiee of the Year

May 24th, 2016

One mom brought laughter to the internet — and you can bring it to your dinner table with these lighthearted conversation starters!

A New National Symbol

May 13th, 2016

Talk about the significance of a “national mammal” at your dinner table tonight.

All About Moms

May 6th, 2016

Talk about the woman of the hour with sweet and fun conversation starters all about the mothers and mother figures in our lives.

Talking to Strangers

April 8th, 2016

“Calling Sweden” puts a new twist on the old pen pal concept — but would you pick up the phone to talk to a stranger?

In the Driver’s Seat

March 18th, 2016

Ask your family what they think: Is the world ready for self-driving cars?

Out of Orbit

March 4th, 2016

What does the exceptional achievement of astronaut Scott Kelly have to teach us here on Earth?

Cosmic Proof

February 13th, 2016

A major scientific breakthrough teaches us about the value of perseverance.

A Super Milestone

February 3rd, 2016

In honor of Super Bowl 50, game-day conversations for sports fans and non-fans alike!