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Family Breakfast #3: Granola Toast and Dance Party

Posted on: June 24th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

Welcome to Week 3 of our Family Breakfast series! We’re posting new breakfast ideas all summer long, in the hope that families will be inspired to enjoy food, fun and conversation together even if they only have a few minutes in the morning.

This week’s breakfast idea is one that can also be adapted for other times of day: lunches (it can even pack well), after-school snacks, or an “anytime” snack! And the food and fun for this week are customizable, so you can come back to them over and over again with different twists. Try new fruits, nut butters and granola mix-ins on your toast, or shake up your playlist with songs for different moods and seasons.

This Week’s Family Breakfast: Food

Topping toast with nut or seed butter is a classic, easy breakfast option. We’re dressing it up — and adding even more staying power for hungry family members — with toppings of fruit and granola. The extra crunch, texture and flavor takes this breakfast from basic to fantastic in just an extra minute or two.

Granola Toast


It can be hard to get moving in the morning, so add a little incentive with a morning dance party! Fill a playlist with favorite tunes and get everyone singing and dancing while they make their toast creations. Or if you’re sure your family isn’t the “dance party in the morning” type, try a mellower playlist of ease-in-to-the-day music, like “Here Comes the Sun.”


Start the day on a creative note with conversation starters about music, books and movies!