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The Family Dinner Project and Mayo Clinic: Innovating for your family’s health

Transform 2013

We were thrilled to speak at one of the leading healthcare conferences of 2013: Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2013. The Family Dinner Project has been working with Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation since summer 2012 with a special focus on family dinner and the home as an innovative hub of healthcare in a community.

Learn more about our partnership with Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation:

Watch one mother’s path to becoming a family dinner champion:

Are you a health care or community health professional looking to find ways to bring family dinner into your work? There are many ways you can become a champion for family dinner. Host a workshop or a dinner, get trained to become an FDP facilitator, get started with your own family, and much more. Learn more here.

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Community Dinners

Partners & Volunteers

Families across the country are opting to make their homes hubs of health in the community using FDP’s Do It Yourself Neighborhood Dinners Toolkit. Check out these innovative families, try a DIY dinner with your own group of friends, and send us your story and photos!


If you are interested in reading more about the benefits of family dinner, check out our Family Dinner References page.

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