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Parenting Groups

How do I start The Family Dinner Project with a parenting group?

Family Dinner is the perfect opportunity to share time as a family in ways that are healthy, meaningful and fun. It also serves as a place to promote habits that will help young children become happy, resilient, responsible adults. However, eating together as a family has its challenges.

Parent groups are a wonderful, safe place to speak about dinner challenges, and to share mealtime resources and wisdom. The Family Dinner Project facilitates a two-part workshop specifically for parenting groups.

Together we will:

  • Discuss research that links family dinners to positive child development.
  • Talk about the challenges of family dinners – from picky eaters, to busy schedules, to tight budgets and beyond.
  • Share the group’s good ideas to overcome dinnertime challenges.
  • Share tips and resources from The Family Dinner Project.
  • Talk about everyone’s hopes for their families and how to help each other succeed.
  • Learn how to make the most of our conversations and how to make the dinner table a place for creative and bonding play.

To host The Family Dinner Project at your parenting group — or to become a parent workshop facilitator:

Contact The Family Dinner Project Team