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gsFamilies come in all shapes and sizes: Couples with and without children, single parents, multiple generations under one roof, work families, college and school families, neighborhoods and whole communities. No matter what your family make-up is, where you live, or what your dinners are like now, you can be part of The Family Dinner Project. The only thing you need to do is share a meal with the people who are closest to you. We have lots of resources to help you improve your family dinners and meet your dinnertime goals! Choose the options that work best for you. Just as there’s no one right way to be a family, there’s no one right way to have a family dinner.

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Our Community Dinner events get everyone involved! Schools, community centers, parenting groups and faith-based organizations are all great venues for hosting an event with The Family Dinner Project. Community Dinners provide a structured model to help families recognize the many benefits of family dinners, learn how to put best practices into action and brainstorm about overcoming common challenges. We offer a number of different themes and formats for an unforgettable gathering focused on food, fun and conversation.

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