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Family Picnic #8: Tortas and a Family Challenge

Posted on: July 21st, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

It’s Week 8 of our Family Picnic Series! We’re sharing ideas for picnic-ready food, fun and conversation throughout the summer of 2020. Our hope is that even while socially distancing, families can still find new ways to connect. Adding a weekly picnic as a new ritual can be a great place to start!

This Week’s Family Picnic Menu

We’re shaking up the usual sandwiches this week with a recipe for chicken tortas, a Mexican style sandwich. The recipe includes a method for cooking the chicken, but you can make these even faster with pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. Pair your tortas with zippy pickled tomatoes for a summery side dish, and finish up with yogurt banana splits from our book Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook.

Chicken tortas are creative, filling and budget-friendly — and they’re a snap to make! Let everyone fix their own torta to choose the fillings that most appeal to them.

Chicken Tortas



Everyone knows about pickled cucumbers, but have you ever thought of pickling tomatoes? These tangy sungold tomatoes are a refreshing way to liven up a sweet summer harvest.

Pickled Sungold Tomatoes


Making banana splits is a summertime rite of passage. We’re switching things up by using yogurt instead of ice cream and piling on plenty of good-for-you fun toppings.

Yogurt Banana Splits



Social distancing got you down? This week, share some of your picnic fun with friends! If you’re in a situation where limited in-person socializing is safe, like a small pod of trusted neighbors, try an Iron Chef Challenge. If gathering is still too risky for you, take the same idea online with a Cook-Along Challenge. Either way, we know you’ll have a great time.

Family Iron Chef
Cook-Along Challenge


If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it’s that things change — sometimes when we’re least expecting it. Talk about change with these conversation starters.