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Cook Along Challenge

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Looking for a fun way to stay connected long-distance? Try a family cook along challenge!

The cook along challenge can be done live and in real time, or separately. Here are the rules:

  1. Participants (as few as 2, as many as you like!) agree on a new recipe to cook. It can be something that no one has ever tried to make before, or you can choose a family recipe that one person knows how to cook and wants to teach the others.
  2. The organizer sends the recipe and instructions to all participants.
  3. The group agrees on a date and time. This will either be the date and time at which everyone connects using a service like Hangouts or Facetime, or the date and time at which all participants need to send their results.
  4. Each participant shops for their ingredients.


At this point, the participants ready their ingredients and supplies and wait for the agreed-upon time. Then everyone logs in to the group chat service, and cooks the dish all together. The best part is being able to give help and encouragement to each other, then showing and tasting your results on camera!


Participants each cook and taste the dish on their own, but take photos and/or video of the finished product and record their reactions. By the chosen date and time, everyone shares their photos, videos and results with the rest of the group (via email or whatever other method you agree on).