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Life Saved. Job Lost.

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Larry

A man was drowning off Hallendale Beach in Florida the other day. Someone ran up to a lifeguard seeking help, and the lifeguard jumped into action. Tomas Lopez helped save the man’s life. Then, he was fired.

It seems the lifeguards only cover a portion of the beach. The area where the man got into trouble was labeled “swim at your own risk.” The private company that provides the lifeguards says Lopez broke the rules by abandoning his post, even though another lifeguard says he was watching Lopez’s position.

Some other lifeguards quit in protest or were fired because they said they would do the same thing. Even though the owner of the company reversed the decision and offered all the lifeguards their jobs back, the damage was done. They decided it wasn’t worth it. Learn more here.

  • Lopez undoubtedly broke his company’s rule.  Was he right or wrong?
  • Would you be willing to give up your job to show support for a fellow employee you feel was done wrong?   Would it make a difference if you were being paid $80 an hour instead of $8.25?
  • Did it surprise you that the lifeguards didn’t accept the offer to have their jobs back?
  • What about the responsibility of the man who needed help? After all, he was in the water where a sign clearly said “swim at your own risk.”