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Fumble or Touchdown?

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Amy


Football (1)

Matt Labrum, a football coach at a high school in Roosevelt, Utah, made what’s been called a “bold move” by some, when he suspended his entire football team—80 students—for bad behavior. Members of the team were apparently guilty of bullying and cyberbullying, disrespecting teachers and cutting classes. According to these videos, Matt also required everyone to perform community service, attend a character development class, and be on time for class.


  • You may have heard the saying, “There is no I in team.” Do you think the coach made a wise decision to suspend everyone on the team, or should he have identified and suspended only the guilty individuals?  Explain your answer.
  • Although he didn’t commit any of the acts, the young man in the video admits that, “…I’m as much at fault for not making it stop.” How can a person be at fault for doing nothing? In what ways could this boy have helped the people he saw being bullied? Do you think bystanders to bullying have a responsibility to stand up for the person being bullied? Is that always a good idea? When might it not be?
  • The same kid also says, “Good character is more important than outstanding talent.” What do you think he means by ‘good character?’ Can you think of a time you, or a friend or family member, demonstrated good character?
  • Have you ever found yourself as the bystander in a bullying situation? What did you do? Or what might you do if you witnessed a friend being hurt or picked on?
  • According to the story, the captains of the football team were replaced with more “positive leadership.” What qualities do you think make for a positive leader? Talk about a positive leader you know, and what you like about him or her.



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