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Executive Director Lynn Barendsen on “Sound Bites”

Sound bites podcast logoRecently, our Executive Director Lynn Barendsen was featured on the “Sound Bites” podcast, hosted by Registered Dietitian Melissa Joy Dobbins. “Sound Bites” is devoted to delving into the science, psychology and strategies behind good food and nutrition.

Throughout the course of the episode, Lynn and Melissa discuss a range of topics including:

  • The history and founding of The Family Dinner Project
  • How to decrease stress and increase positivity at the dinner table
  • Dealing with different eating styles and preferences
  • How to get kids — especially teens! — to open up and talk at dinner
  • The benefits of family meals for people of all ages

Listen to the podcast episode and learn more about family dinners — and The Family Dinner Project — on the Sound Bites website.

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