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Bringing Families Together at the Community YMCA

One of the partnerships that The Family Dinner Project has enjoyed long-term is our relationship with the Community YMCA in Red Bank, NJ. Through the friendship and collaboration between our organizations, we’ve been able to impact many families through Community Dinner events and sharing materials and resources. Sometimes the family dinner events at the Community YMCA are simple, low-key affairs; sometimes, they take a slightly different format, drawing in themes like Social Responsibility and outside partners like the JBJ Soul Kitchen, as was the case at a recent dinner.

No matter the format, however, we know that giving families a place where they can come together to enjoy a meal together, in the company of others from their community, has a positive impact. We’re thrilled to see that impact explained by a family from the Community YMCA who made a touching video about their experiences with family dinner nights at the Y:

Our next Community Dinner event in Red Bank will be held on June 23rd, 2015. To learn more about the event or to register to attend, please contact Holly Haines of the Community YMCA, hhaines(at)cymca(dot)org.

To find out about bringing the power of Community Dinners to your organization, contact us.

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