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Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

Posted on: August 20th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

These peanut butter banana overnight oats are a quick and easy option to have on hand for breakfasts and snacks. Make them up to 3 days in advance!

Granola Toast

Posted on: June 24th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

We’re dressing up a breakfast classic with toppings of fresh fruit and crunchy granola to make an irresistible morning treat with staying power!


Posted on: June 24th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

Our homemade granola recipe is easy and fun to make, and perfect for kid helpers. Make it your own with different flavors and mix-ins!

No Bake Oatmeal Date Bites

Posted on: June 3rd, 2020 by The Family Dinner Project Team

These no-bake oatmeal date bites are a great snack or sweet treat, and they’re easy to make!