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Talking to Kids About Tragedy

How to Handle Family Dinner Vaccination Questions

How to Bond With Your Family in 20 Minutes or Less

Getting Along and Taming Tension During Quarantine

Image describing age-appropriate family dinner chores for kids

Age-Appropriate Family Dinner Chores for Kids

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Sterenberg Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Geller-Pyne Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Anderson Family


Tech, Talk and Turkey

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Nogueira Family

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Earl Family

TFDP Heads to the FCCLA National Leadership Conference!

Why You Should Invite Your Elderly Parents to Dinner

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The Food Tells the Story

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Gonzalez Family

Grandparents at the Table: The Importance of Talking About Family History

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The Family Dinner Project on CNN

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Townsend Family

Meal Planning Hacks for Busy Families

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Lazio Family

The Politics of Thanksgiving

giving tuesday

Participate in #GiveandTalk This #GivingTuesday

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Nelson Family

Teen to Teen: Make Time for Family Dinners

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Hawkins Family

On the Path to College, Reflecting on Family Dinner

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Zhang Family

When Dinner Can’t Happen (And What to do Instead)

Community Picnic at Boston Children’s Museum

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Bublitz Family

Parent Engagement Webinar with Families in Schools

Real Family Dinner Projects: The Isaac Family

Wookiee of the Year

All About Moms

Telling Tales at the Table

The Family Dinner Project Heads to West Virginia

Executive Director Lynn Barendsen on “Sound Bites”

Teaching Humility Over Family Dinner

Sharing a Meal in Newark, NJ

Veg Out with The Family Dinner Project and Recipe for Success

How to Beat Tension and Conflict from Your Family Dinner

Revealing Romance at the Dinner Table

You Can Hate to Cook and Still Love Family Dinner

FDP and Common Sense Media Present a New Resource

Expert Roundtable: The Psychological Benefits of Thanksgiving Dinner

Pay Your #FamilyDinnerForward for Military Families this #GivingTuesday

FDP Joins CARE for a Virtual Potluck

The Family Dinner Project: Your Holiday Conversation Experts!

FDP at the FCCLA National Cluster Conference

Join Dr. Anne Fishel at Boston Book Festival

Talking with CASAColumbia About Family Day

Want Your Kids to Be Better Readers? Have Dinner Together

A Wish to Help Others

The Family Dinner Project Joins Lisa Leslie and “Log Out, Look Up”

Join Us: #FamilyDinnerForward for Esther Day

Talking to Strangers

FDP at the FCCLA National Conference

Co-Founder Dr. Anne Fishel on Mom Enough Radio

A Flight of Fancy

Bringing Families Together at the Community YMCA

Camp Pendleton Dinner with Blue Star Families

Answering Real Moms’ Family Dinner Questions

Tech at the Table Twitter Chat

Taking a Leap: Helping Selective Eaters Try New Foods

#FamilyDinnerForward and the Food Revolution

Family Dinner as a Sanctuary

Co-Founder Shelly London at Duke Alums Engage Event

Bringing Common Sense to Media Use at Waring School

Get Everyone “Home For Dinner” With This New Book!

Cultivating Patience: 4 Tips for Military Families

Family Dinners are Great for the Body and the Soul

Red Carpet Rewind: Conversations Inspired by the Oscars

Dedicated to Different

Dinner as an Act of Love: Meet “The Dinner Party”

Keeping Kids Healthy Twitter Chat

Learning to Love Family Dinner

Dr. Anne Fishel Appearing at MGH

Connecting School and Home for Better Family Dinners

It’s Science: Eat Dinner Together

New Year’s Resolution: Everyday Giving

Giving Globally

Bloggers Share Their Family Mealtimes

Giving Locally

Join The Family Dinner Project for #familydinnerforward!

Help Us Improve The Family Dinner Project Experience!

School-Home Connections Twitter Chat, 11.17!

Nature’s Centerpiece: Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Finding the Middle Ground of Family Dinner

Back to School, Back to the Dinner Table

Baby Stepping Update #3: Game On (again…)

Managing Food Allergies at the Dinner Table

2-7 Thoughts&Opinions – 26

Meet Khera, Family Dinner Champion

The Parent Trap

Sign of the Times: What’s a Parent to Do?

Daddy-Daughter Duel

Brawl in the Family

Three Strikes and You’re Out!


Seeing Stars: Tips for Talking College with Kids

Meeting Your Child’s Sweetheart

Talking about Tragedy

Avoiding One Word Answers

A Taste of Haiti

Learning Through Stories

Thanksgiving Table

Holidays or Hellidays? Tips for Better Conversations at Home