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Veggie Skeleton is the Life of the Party

“I have witnessed a carefully constructed veggie skeleton disappear faster than you can say abracadabra…”


What is a “Family Dinner,” Anyway?

What is a family dinner? And how can you make sure your mealtime routines count? Get reassurance and realistic advice from Dr. Anne Fishel.

Food, Fun and Conversation at the Ashland Public Library

Join The Family Dinner Project at the Ashland Public Library in Ashland, MA for a 3-part Community Dinner Series!

Addressing Steubenville

Some resources for meaningful conversation

Baby boy drinking milk bottle

The Very First Family Dinners

(Note: This is the first post in a series.)

Far more important than developing a robust eater, and regardless of whether your baby is bottle- or breast-fed, the feeding relationship is the first crucial task of parenting.

What Meal Does Your Family Love?

Do you have a dish that is “always a winner” in your family? Share it with us!

A Taste of Haiti

Growing up in Queens, NY, I never really realized how many traditions my family had. Both of my parents were born and raised in Haiti, an island filled with culture…

Family Dinner at the White House

Jodi Kantor, author of “The Obamas,” talks about the First Family’s dinners together.

Reconnecting Before a Journey

Homemade pizza, anyone? With a cross-country move on the horizon, Kelley is having more dinners with her family.

Bring the Olympics to Your Table

From cooking an international feast to baking gold medal cookies, we share ideas for making an Olympics-themed dinner.

Tips for Getting Everyone Involved in Dinner

Making dinner is usually more fun when everyone is involved, and kids can easily stir soup, chop veggies or sprinkle spices. Children are more capable in the kitchen than you may think, and if you give them a chance, their enthusiasm for cooking may surprise you! With new chefs, it’s best to start simple. Tacos, […]

Tips for Eating Well on a Budget

Eating on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the foods you love most. Use these tips to cut costs at the planning, shopping and cooking stages of meal preparation. Meal Planning: Map out your weekly menu and make a list of needed grocery items. Stick to your plan and avoid impulsive purchases (unplanned food […]