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What Meal Does Your Family Love?

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Allissa

Thanks to the shining sun and blooming flowers, happiness is contagious during this time of year. With that in mind, we want to hear about the meals that bring instant smiles to your family member’s faces. It could be as simple as whole wheat tacos with sour cream or as ambitious as seared scallops in lemon sauce. Whatever your family loves to eat, tell us about it!

To enter, either leave a description of your favorite meal in the comments or email it to us at storiesfamilydinner@gmail.com. Bonus points if you share the recipe!

The winner will receive several dinner-related prizes designed to help your family have even more fun eating together. These include a subscription to the cooking magazine Chop Chop, a deck of fun conversation starter cards, and a selection of kid-sized cooking utensils from the Curious Chef (that’s a $50 value, folks!).

We can’t wait to read about your happiness-making meals! Submissions must be received by May 1st.

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