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Bring the Olympics to Your Table

Posted on: July 30th, 2012 by Allissa










With the 2012 summer games upon us, everyone is catching Olympics fever. Why not bring some of that fun to your dinner table? Here are a few ways to incorporate the excitement into your next family dinner!

Eat Like An Olympian

Many athletes need large amounts of food to power through their events, with some cyclists eating up to 8,000 calories a day! Now, we’re not suggesting you try that, but your family could certainly make an “Olympic feast.” Include a large bowl of whole grain pasta, some lean protein like fish or chicken, and lots of dark leafy vegetables.

Athletes are also reportedly drinking beet juice, which they say gives them an energy boost. This is because the nitrates in beets help muscles use oxygen better, allowing athletes to cycle faster and run longer. Try this easy, delicious Beet n’ Berry Smoothie at your Olympic feast, and you’ll have more energy to clean-up afterwards!

An International Meal

With athletes from all over the world competing in the games, this is the perfect time to try foods from other countries. Have an “international meal” and include dishes from three different nations.

For example, you could pair Brazilian rice with a pork dish from Japan, and have Italian tiramisu for dessert. Of course, you could always purchase tiramisu from the grocery store to make your life a little easier, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a whirl?

If your kids have a favorite athlete from another nation, make a dish from their home country. Epicurious.com is a treasure trove of recipes from around the globe. Ask each person in your family to select and help prepare one international dish, and you’ll have a surprising global meal that no one expected.

Athlete Shout Out

To root on some Team USA folks, you could make a meal from your favorite American athlete’s home state. Swimmer Ryan Lochte trained in Florida, so you could make Key West Chicken to show your support. Aly Raisman, the captain of the women’s gymnastics team, is from just outside of Boston, which is a great excuse to whip up some scrumptious lobster rolls.

To plan meals around your favorite sports and athletes, check out this list of this week’s upcoming events.

Go For the Gold…Cookie

For a fun baking project, try these Gold Medal Cookies from Not Your Momma’s Cookie! All you need is a circular cookie-cutter, baking supplies, and some blue ribbon (that’s optional, though). These are great because they’re blank, allowing your kids to write the name of their favorite events on the cookies in frosting.

As Ryan Lochte demonstrates, gold medals were made for nibbling. We can guarantee that yours will be much tastier!







Lochte image from US Magazine. Firework image above via the LA Times.