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Southern Vermont College: Campus Community Dinner Series

Southern Vermont College logoSouthern Vermont College, founded in 1926 as Saint Joseph College, is a four-year, career-launching liberal arts college in Bennington, VT.  As part of its mission, SVC is dedicated to student access to and success in college. In furtherance of this mission, SVC is working with The Family Dinner Project to enable local families in the Bennington community to join college students on campus for dinner in a special project entitled Campus Community Dinner Series.

Southern Vermont College

The Campus Community Dinner Series (CCDS) provides a unique opportunity for families and students to learn about and experience the value of preparing and eating nutritional dinners and engaging in thoughtful conversation over food.  SVC has invited local families to their campus to join students for dinner and enjoy guided conversations about healthy meals and the value of higher education.  Studies show that there are many benefits of carving out time for family dinners, and this initiative furthers this effort by encouraging healthy eating in an educational environment.