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Pingree School

Pingree LogoThe Pingree School, founded in 1960, is a coeducational, independent secondary day school serving the large geographic area north and east of Boston. With an enrollment of approximately 335 students, Pingree is committed to its identity as a small day school which is proud of its high standards and which stresses an educational program directed to the diverse needs of the adolescent years.

At Pingree, close student-teacher relationships and a partnership with families are essential as they strive to instill in students the values of integrity, compassion, self-esteem, and commitment to one another and the world at large.


To strengthen the school’s partnership with families, Pingree is bringing The Family Dinner Project to its campus. The 12 students in Pingree’s Food Writing class will serve as ambassadors for the project, helping others to discover how food also expresses bigger ideas about culture, family and relationships.

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