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FDP and Common Sense Education at Waring School

WaringCSMdinnerManaging technology responsibly is a tough topic for many families. Parents who weren’t raised in a tech-savvy, social media-saturated world are now faced with the challenges of raising kids who are constantly surrounded by opportunities to use – or misuse – technology. How can we be sure that our children are safe, smart, AND social in the ever-changing online landscape? And how can we talk with them about these issues without preaching or sounding out of touch?

The Family Dinner Project is pleased to partner with Common Sense Education for a special Community Dinner event on February 20, 2015 at the Waring School in Beverly, MA to tackle the topic of Digital Media. The dinner will be co-facilitated by teachers Gallaudet Howard and Jim Watras; Lynn Barendsen, Executive Director of The Family Dinner Project; and Darri Stephens, Director of Digital Learning, and Emily Weinstein, Education Consultant, for Common Sense Education. The event will feature a cross-generational conversation about technology and social media, including topics such as digital footprints and internet safety. Participants will also cook and share a meal to help foster connection and open the lines of communication. Families attending will be given take-home resources and action plans to help them put their learning into practice. While this dinner is being hosted by and for Waring School families, there are a limited number of additional spots available for members of the broader community to attend. If you are interested in joining us for the event, please contact Lynn Barendsen at lynn_barendsen(at)harvard(dot)edu.

This event is the first in what we hope will be a series of partnership opportunities between The Family Dinner Project and Common Sense Education. Both organizations share the goal of strengthening families and communities through greater education, awareness, and conversations about things that matter. Joining forces to combine years of shared knowledge and experience in our respective fields is an exciting prospect that promises to help us all better serve families and bring important topics to the forefront of parent-child interactions.

Interested in bringing a similar event to your school or community organization? Contact us.




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