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Community Picnic at Boston Children’s Museum

boston children's museum logoOn July 15, 2016, bring your own dinner and join us at Boston Children’s Museum for a community picnic!

From 5:30-7:30 p.m., team members from The Family Dinner Project will join Boston Children’s Museum staff to present an evening of food, fun and conversation on the theme of “Reading Together.” Kids and their grown-ups can enjoy a whole menu of self-directed activities designed by TFDP and the Museum staff to demonstrate how families can incorporate play and exploration to make shared mealtimes fun and rewarding.

The open community picnic is free with your paid Museum admission — and, as luck would have it, our event coincides with the Museum’s Target $1 Friday Night promotion, so it’s an affordable night of fun! To ensure the safety of all participants, if you’re planning to eat a picnic dinner at the event, please bring your own food.

While you’re at the Museum, be sure to enjoy their wonderful exhibits and be on the lookout for the elements that were designed with input from The Family Dinner Project team! We’re looking forward to sharing food, fun and conversation with our friends at Boston Children’s Museum.

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