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Because Family Starts with Two.

Family dinners are an opportunity to connect with one another through food, fun and conversations about things that matter. Whether you like a crowd at your table, or you feel like three’s a crowd, we encourage you to find the family dinner rituals that are meaningful to you. We’re proud to provide these articles and resources especially for couples - because family starts with two.  

We are grateful to Lenox for their enthusiasm for our work, and for helping us to spread the message of the importance of family dinners. At The Family Dinner Project, we have always believed that family is what you make it, and our friends at Lenox have inspired us to think about how families of all sizes can build a strong foundation from the start.

Getting off on the Right Foot: Creating a Dinner Ritual

As a couple, you’ll have dozens of decisions to make about how to share your life. Establishing a dinner ritual is a great place to start.

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Telling Stories

telling stories

Telling stories is an ancient way of communicating that still has great power. Think of how storytelling helped you and your partner get to know one another when you were first dating…

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Iron Chef for Couples

iron chef

Getting to know other couples and spending time with friends is important for any relationship; after all, no matter how deeply in love you are with each other, you can’t spend every second gazing into each other’s eyes!

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Alternatives to “How Was Your Day?”

Remember the 1990’s sitcom Seinfeld? There’s a memorable episode where the character Kramer mocks couples’ conversations. “How was your day?” he simpers. “Was it a good day or a bad day? What kind of a day was it?”

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Indoor Picnic

indoor picnic

Afraid your dinnertime is already getting dull? Sometimes, even the most positive of daily rituals — like sitting down together for a good meal — can start to feel as though you’re getting stuck in a rut.

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Make Your Own Restaurant

Regular date nights are great for bonding and keeping your romance alive, but it’s not always possible — or practical — to book a weekly table at the hottest restaurant in town.

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Initiating Deeper Conversations


As we all know, the problem of one-word answers after a long day isn’t exclusive to kids.

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