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The Family Dinner Project + Bluestar Families

Create an Extended “Family”

Reach out to others in your community in the same situation as you. It can be very reassuring for both parents and children to be around people in “the same shoes,” who are sharing many of the same challenges that you are. Here are ways to make it fun and get lots of folks involved:

Have a bake off!

Choose one food item that everyone makes beforehand. Throw a party where you share the finished “products.” All participants get to taste and vote on their favorite recipe. (this can also be a fun idea for older kids to do with their friends). Or ask two people to each make the same recipe, like chicken soup or fish tacos. Then everyone eats and votes. If folks want to, you could all chip in a few dollars to that the winner gets a gift certificate to a local ice cream store or restaurant!

Do a dinner swap

Once you have your extended “family” in place, you can make dinner easier and more varied by cooking for each other. Here’s an idea one creative military mom shared with us: once a month she made enough of her favorite dinner to serve four families. Then she swapped with four other families, so that each family went home with four different meals to try. It’s more fun than just cooking for your own clan, and everyone gets to try something different!