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The Family Dinner Project Receives a Grant from No Kid Hungry

Posted on: June 2nd, 2021 by Bri DeRosa

The Family Dinner Project is proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant from No Kid Hungry to help us continue our support of family meals in communities across the country. The grant funds will strengthen our programs on tribal lands in Montana, where our resources to help families connect meaningfully at mealtimes have been included in emergency food boxes to provide nutritional assistance to kids and caregivers during the ongoing COVID crisis.

In addition to ensuring that our tips and tools reach families who need them, the community partnerships supported by these funds from No Kid Hungry include a wide range of activities and resources tailored to the needs of tribal lands residents. Since 2017, The Family Dinner Project has worked with a growing community of families and partners in Montana to provide in-person meals and workshops, family support, train-the-trainer sessions and both online and print resources to help families stay connected.

Now, with funding support from No Kid Hungry, we’ll be able to deepen our partnership with the Arlee Development Corporation (Arlee-Jocko Valley Food Bank), providing food, fun and conversation resources to families living on the Flathead Indian Reservation through the “TFDP in a Box” program.. These funds will also enable us to expand this program into the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in partnership with the Wild Rose Center. Knowing the impact our past partnership work in the region has had on families, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to reach even more Montana tribal residents and support them in having more frequent and positive family mealtimes. We thank No Kid Hungry for their support, and our partners in Montana for their friendship, collaboration and valuable work.