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Standing With Families Against Racism

Posted on: June 9th, 2020 by The Family Dinner Project Team

The Family Dinner Project stands with those who raise their voices against racism. As an organization that promotes the well-being of all families, we know that racism has a profound negative impact on the health of families and whole communities. Combating systemic racism requires institutional change — in our legislatures, courts, schools, police departments, healthcare systems and more. But, important work also can take place at the dinner table, welcoming, discussing and modeling anti-racist behavior and conversation.

The violent events of this spring — including the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd — have brought America’s longstanding issues with racial justice back to the forefront. Many are moved to respond now. Action against racism is necessary and difficult work, and not every family is ready to act in the same ways. While progress requires more than talk, meaningful, difficult conversation on an ongoing basis and at every age is a powerful tool. Our children first learn about the world and shape their values at our dinner tables.

To help families begin or continue conversations about anti-racism at this important time in our history, we have assembled practical resources — conversation guides, videos and articles — from others and from our website. We hope that families will find value in these resources to help inform their conversations and their actions so that each of us can build bigger tables where everyone has a seat. We must do it now, and a week from now, and a year from now — because the work of changing and healing our world is ongoing.

At The Family Dinner Project, we are committed to working as a team to learn, grow, and be stronger allies in the fight against racism. We know that there is a lot of work to do, and we are here to listen, amplify the work of others, and be partners.


In addition to the above resources, we have also created several conversation starters over the years that we think may be helpful to some families who wish to begin their discussions on race, equity, and anti-racism.