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Family Breakfast #2: Morning Yoga and Eggs in a Mug

Posted on: June 10th, 2020 by Bri DeRosa

This is the second installment of our weekly Family Breakfasts, designed to give families new ways to relax and share meals together during stressful times. (Of course, having a fun and easy family breakfast ritual is also great when times aren’t stressful — so feel free to keep breakfast together on the calendar anytime you can!)

Family meals, whether in the morning or evening, are good for health and well-being. Our co-founder, Dr. Anne Fishel, always says that mealtimes can benefit the “body, brain and spirit of all family members.” This week’s breakfast ideas are perfect for all three! You’ll start the morning with a few minutes of simple yoga poses, fuel up with the fastest individual egg dishes we’ve ever seen, and talk about keeping a low-stress vibe going all day long.

This Week’s Family Breakfast: Food

Think you don’t have time to make eggs in the morning? Think again! These Savory Mug Cakes are quick scrambles you can pop in the microwave for a hot, protein-packed breakfast in just seconds.

Savory Mug Cakes



Yoga is a great way to stretch, breathe and start the day with a positive attitude. No need to be intimidated — if you’ve never tried it, there are plenty of easy poses to start with. Feel free to do your favorite moves or use any one of the thousands of great resources out there to help you find some wake-up poses. We recommend the links below if you need a place to start!

58 Fun and Easy Kid Yoga Poses

Good Morning Yoga: A 3-Minute Yoga Flow to Jumpstart Your Kids’ Day

5 Yoga Poses to Practice First Thing in the Morning


Keep a calm and positive outlook all day long with these conversation starters!