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Television: The Great Influencer?

Posted on: February 22nd, 2013 by Larry

television kidsIt’s been a matter of debate and speculation for many years: Does television have an influence on how people behave? The question seems more urgent than ever, particularly in light of recent gun violence.

Recently, however, researchers in Seattle decided to take a different approach. Instead of examining whether violent TV shows make children more violent, they studied children who watched more wholesome programs. The researchers found that, with some supervision of viewing habits, kids’ behavior can be positively affected by what they watch.

Below, we offer questions about TV and its impacts.

Questions for Younger Kids:

1.  What are your favorite programs?

2. Do you think kids should be allowed to watch anything they want? Why or why not?

3.  If you could make up your own show, what would it be about?

Questions for Older Kids & Adults: 

1. Do you think the shows you watched as a young child influenced you?

2. What shows do you watch now? If there’s violence in them, are you okay with that? Why?

3. Do you think television violence impacts society, or are people able to separate reality from fiction?


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