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School Days, Cruel Days

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by Larry

It’s been all over the news and the talk of the internet. A bullying incident on a school bus was taken to a whole new level. The victim wasn’t another student, but a bus monitor. It happened in Greece, New York.  68-year-old Karen Klein was taunted and bullied by four middle school boys while another student recorded it on a cell phone. Watch more.

Since that piece aired on the Today Show, the money raised on the internet for Karen Klein has surpassed $600,000. That will certainly help with her retirement, but money can’t erase the humiliation she endured. And it makes no statement about what should happen to the boys.

  • Where do you think these boys learned to behave that way?
  • Are adults setting a bad example? Not just at home, but with all the snarky criticism of everything on the internet and the constant bickering among politicians?
  • What about the person who took the video and the other kids on the bus?   What should they have done?
  • Would these boys have been so cruel individually? Or did they only act this way because they were in a group?
  • The boys have since apologized to Karen Klein in writing.   Do they owe her any more than that?
  • What would be an appropriate punishment for the boys?


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