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Doing it by the Book

Posted on: June 24th, 2014 by Amy

littlefreelibraryNine-year-old Spencer Collins of Leawood, Kansas was forced to take down his little free library last week by town officials. Representatives from the local government said that the library was “ a code violation” and considered “an illegal accessory building.”

Read the story or watch the video here, and then use the questions below to spark some conversation:


Mr. Coleman, one of the officials quoted in this story, says, “We empathize with them (the family), but we still have to follow the rules.” Do you agree? Was the city right in following the rules or not?

What does Mr. Coleman mean by “empathize?”

Spencer started his library because he is passionate about reading. What are you passionate about? How might you share that with others?

Spencer likes adventure stories. What kind of stories do you like? What are your favorite books?

What do you think of libraries in general?

In the end of the article, Spencer is thinking “outside the box” to solve his dilemma when he proposes attaching the library by a rope to the house. How do you think “outside the box?” Can you give an example?