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Family Starts with Two

Indoor Picnic

Afraid your dinnertime is already getting dull? Sometimes, even the most positive of daily rituals — like sitting down together for a good meal — can start to feel as though you’re getting stuck in a rut. Sharing a meal is an important ritual that helps you stay connected to each other, so if things start to feel stale at the table, it’s worth trying some new ideas to put the fun back into dinnertime. Why not shake things up and do something totally unexpected, like an indoor picnic?

Here’s what you do:
Get a big blanket or some beach towels and throw them down on the floor in a comfortable spot, lay out some nice-looking (but not your most delicate!) dishes, and pack a picnic basket instead of making a traditional sit-down dinner. Depending on what your particular preferences are, you could just pack sandwiches, fruit, and cookies; or you could get more creative with something like a French-inspired picnic of cheese, baguettes, pâté, and wine. On the coldest winter day, it can be fun to serve burgers and hot dogs with potato salad while you dream of summer.

Whatever you choose to serve, the unexpected change of location and the casual nature of a meal that you share while sitting on the floor together can go a long way towards refreshing your dinner routine and shaking off the doldrums.