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Tips to Talk About Giving #Giving Tuesday Tips to Talk About Giving

Text or Call Someone you appreciate together

Talk about people your family appreciates (e.g. a teacher, sports coach, neighbor or other family member. Take a moment to text or call that person as a family on Giving Tuesday and express your gratitude. Talk as a family about the person’s reaction and how it felt to share your gratitude.

Identify your cause as a family

On #Giving Tuesday, share a story of giving with your kids and talk together about causes your family cares about (e.g. animals, sick kids, nature). Discuss together how your family could help, whether it’s a donation of money, goods or time, or simple expressions of caring (e.g. handmade cards).

Make a plan to combine dinner & service

Make a plan to use some of your damily dinner time to help others in your community have a great meal. You could volunteer together at a food bank during dinner hours once a month, or make a meal as a family and delver it to a family that has limited time or resources.

Discuss ways to “pay it forward”

Pay it forwarrd= do something nice for someone withthe hope that the person will do something nice for someone else. Brainstorm ways to pay it forward on Giving Tuesday (e.g. puttin gmoney in an expiring parking meter, leaving a great book for another person to enjoy at a cafe.

Make a pledge to help others

Brainstorm as a family on Giving Tuesday about things you could do to help others. For example, have a new community member over for dinner, volunteer in a home for the elderly or donate gently used toys and clothes. Choose what you will do as indivuals and as a family, and create a verbal or written pledge to complete that goal.

Make giving a part of regular life

Ask your kids to divide their allowance into three jars: spend, save and give. Put a picture on the “give” jar to help your kids connect giving with somehting or someone they care about. Also, seeing parents give can be a powerful motivator for kids. Create a family “give” jar into which everyone contributes.