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Book Babble

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Book babble will get you and yours babbling about books over some delicious dessert (say that ten times fast).

So, you eat dinner. Then everyone cleans up together. And then, instead of turning on the TV or the video games, you read. Depending on the age of your kids you can read together, or everyone can read a book of their choice separately, for about 15 minutes. Lastly, you gather back at the table for Blondie cupcakes or berry crumble or some other inspired dessert, and talk about what you’ve read. Some questions might include:

  • Do you like what you’re reading?
  • What do you and the main character have in common?
  • What do you wish you could ask the author about the book you are reading?
  • Consider the world of the book—is it a place you would want to live or visit? Why?
  • Would you want to be a character from this or another book? Which one?
  • If you were to write a book, what would it be about?